Unplugthewood Podcast episode 20 

Sorry folks ,all original tracks have now been edited out due to copyright issues but please check out all links provided as these links will take you to the relevant places


Ohana Sopranino Sk21 all solid mahogany and rosewood ukulele, probably available at World of ukes .Sorry for the delay, we have a report from Danny Parker on the Winchester Ukulele Festival and he reads us a self penned poem, the yook ooh pronunciation rears it's ugly head. We talk about The Upton Ukulele festival UP uke duo Opera-Lele  League of Ukulele Gentlemen Grace Kendal Stonehenge the summer solstice touching stones. Sun up sun down 10,000 people  what's  the point of the sun? 

We mention the Ukulele Festival of Wales where we sang Hedge Hog Poo with Andy Dan’s children, Manitoba Hall Digga Digga duo, Sarah Kelly Ben Rouse Thunderstruck. The Gower Heritage centre, didgebeat, Richard Broughton, our copyright notice. George Elmes Uke Magazine Plastic Jeezus The League Of Ukulele Gentlemen Matt Warnes talks us through the inspiration for his song Blue Eyes. 

We mention the Berlin Ukulele Festival, Uke East, Simon Taylor from Coolcatukes.com talks about Oli Mansell's 4 track CD Momentum, the Unplugthewood Stage at GNUF (a Grand Northern Ukulele Festival www.northernuke.com) we have a bit of Oli live at Vinyl Tap GNUF17  olimansellmusic.com Steve Phillips from York is playing a song a day for a year for a really great cause www.365ukesongs.co.uk #365ukesongs don't forget to donate.

We mention how Theresa Adcock ( Michael Adcock’s mum) braved the shave for Motor Neurone Disease, Tough, a little spoken word piece by Krabbers out of his little black book of poems ,Paul Sandham give us a heads up on Hope And Socials 10 year anniversary tour, we are playing at Equinox Festival with Wyrd Sisters,  Martyn Eek Cooper gets a plug in for his gig with Plummers Mates

Mary Agnes Krell tell us that Unplugthewood is totally awesome, Simon Taylor from coolcatukes.com rings in and tells us about his latest videos and musical efforts on Facebook with the  Uke To Bridge, and weird covers challenge groups, 

Mary Agnes Krell tells us about some exciting GNUF and Northern Uke things coming up. Victoria Vox's UK Visit, GNUF tickets on sale soon, Peter Luongo is coming back to GNUF. 

AND we have an Unplugthewood/GNUF News exclusive , somewhere in the podcast - you will have to listen to find out what it is !!

Byeeeee , thanks for listening x