Right here we go. we're back, Welcome to 2018!
Episode 16, brought to you by unplugthewood.com
SNOW DAY, Near nude pictures of me in the snow on Facebook.
Caroline's recent brush with something nasty, the wonderful NHS, cracking on. We spill the beans on The Enchanted Market, Spriggan Mist, Belly dancers, Jonas and Jane and The Capo Thieves.

We get a call from Mary Agnes Krell who tells us about all things GNUF 2018 and GNUF's ' the EPIC award' nomination, I turn into a huge fan boy when Mr B gets a shout out, this year will be the 6th GNUF.

We speak to Jody Tavender about her new webite Harmany Vocalz, about being on Britains Got Talent as MEAT DIVA, and her other projects The Fabulous Funky Funks and Souled Out.
Check it out, Jody is an incredible singer, one of the best soul voices we have seen live.

Stephen Brunton the Man behind Jesus Hooligan calls in and talks
about his music, new recordings, builing his unique barrel drums, Balstock Festival, the Hooligan Drum Circle, Writing poems, spoken word nights and his plans to get his songs back out there. 

We end with our new single, Leave Me Alone - The Hedge Inspectors. Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, and all other popular download sites.
Thanks for listening .

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Mike and Caroline - The Hedge Inspectors x