Unplugthewood episode 15 with your hosts The Hedge Inspectors. From unplugthewood.com. We use gotaukulele.com for some ukulele events coming up, using Barry Maz for our made up sponsor of the month.
We chat to Jeff Japers about stuff he is up to, he is doing a set for us at Unplugthewood later in September. We reminisce about our first Cheltenham, we play his song "Subway" our favourite song about foot longs. Sarah Kelly gets a mention. We discover "rate my call": we get a call from Alaska from an ice road trucker who nearly hits a moose. Andrew Daniels, (AndyDan( gives us a call from 20,000 leagues under the sea, we talk uke tech , UKE MAGAZINE ,  players sex pics, Mustang Sally and The Who. 
I get a poem challenge from Simon Taylor at coolcatukes.com to write a poem about biscuits. We discuss poached eggs. iRobot calls us up, then we get a call from Matt Stead who rescues us from a biscuit loop. We actually manage to play the correct track from his CD The Wend. We get asked some questions through Facebook: biscuits, uke strings, strum patterns, worst gig, high G low G and nose hair.
We can't stress enough how good The Quiet Whistle test is. Links below. We play a tune by Kevin McCrudden, Kev's Tune, it's brilliant have a proper listen. We finish off with a Hedge Inspectors track "the loneliest man in the ground". 


Jeff Japers


Matt Stead

Kevin McCrudden

The Quiet Whistle Test