An experiment in sound, 

Unplugthewood on the road, the A32 in fact, Today we are in our Suzuki Alto on our way from Holybourne  to Hedge End, This episode is sponsored by CoolCatUkes.com, the only place to go for ukulele reviews, news, CD reviews and loads of other fun. We will be talking French kissing girls at a school disco, haircuts, 80's fashion, GNUF17 A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2017, The Winchester Ukulele Festival, The Ukulele festival of Scotland and The Uke Express in October. We have music from Andy Dan, Plastic Jeezus, Matt Stead Rob Ash, and others mentioned Robin Evans, Ooty and the cloud, We Tigers , Prof Chris, Tyrone, Phil Doleman, Ian Emmerson, Simon Taylor, Chris Nevard, Martyn Eek Cooper and The Morgellons

Let us know if the audio is good enough for the podcast as it may help us get a few more of these out. 




All tracks have been used with the creators permission, If you would like to submit an MP3 of original material please send it to unplugthewood@googlemail.com