Episode 19 of the Unplugthewood podcast - recorded over two days.  Izzy B Kate and her Baritone CD launch, UKE magazine , we talk about the skills of Andrew Molina , Ohana Ukuleles, Paul Martin , Ukulele Festival of Scotland, Grand Northern Ukulele Festival ,weather, rain and umbrellas,plastic ukuleles !
Mourning Glories ,Ukulele Eric , Mother Ukers , Mersey Belles, Tia Butterworth, Linda Butterworth, birthday cake embarrassment ,Zoe Bestel,Peter Bestel, Grand Northern Ukulele Festival getting an award , Unplugthewood Stage at GNUF , Grab it and Bang , Findlay Napier , everything we play has the copyright owners permission to play , Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer , Opera-lele send a message about upcoming gigs and we talk over them , no idea what the limited edition CD is , Upton Ukulele Festival , Headcorn Parish Church event with Andy Eastwood, George Bartle, Amanda Harkett, Headcorn Ukulele Group , Kent , Winchester Ukulele Festival , Up UKE DUO, Great Central Strummers , Mike slips in 2 seconds of a cover , Paul Martin upcoming show , alphabetical food ,didgebeat, Richard Broughton,Ohana build your own ukulele, first podcast argument - who wins ? , Danny Parker reviews Mother Ukers CD Ukular Power, Mike Haysom music - The Natural Place , Reverend Jim, Robin Evans Esq, Zoe Bestel again. We love her. Tobias Elof , we have multiple problems with pronounciation. Berkhamsted Ukulele Festival, Paul Redfern, someone is grinding outside, Vic Cracknell, Body and Soul Clare Teal, Matt Griffo, Mims Ukes,, got a ukulele .com, cool cat ukes .com,  PHEW X



We have a chat about the next issue of Uke Magazine from worldofukes.com, we use the calendar from gotaukulele.com to tell you about uke fests going on around the planet for the next month, cheers Barry.
We talk about Farnham Maltings Folk night featuring The Hedge Inspectors, All Things Considered and the wonderful Spriggan Mist www.sprigganmist.co.uk we play a track from The Portal Album from Spriggan Mist track 11 The Good Ship Polyphemus.
We get a message from George Bartle about his new venture The Tin Roof Strollers and we play a track by them Swingy Little Thingy, And then we get a call from Manitoba Hal https://www.manitobahal.com/ which takes us to The Ukulele Festival of Scotland https://ukulelefestivalofscotland.co.uk, we get a call from Marc Gallagher informing us of his upcoming appearances, I read a poem call Dogs. Then we move on to Stephen Brunton's latest project 'Devilin me' and we play Linns Song, I dare you to play this in the dark.
We play a wonderful track by the equally wonderful Zoe Bestel , Tale of the Sea which is simply wonderful. Her latest album is out now on CD and Vinyl woooooooooo.
Crispy Jones tells us about his latest charity project, 'Ukulele Hope 2 ' , a compliation CD raising money for Medicins sans frontiers , just 6.99 in euros - www.crispyjones.bandcamp.com. Simon Taylor from coolcatukes.com tells us about his songwriting contest at GNUF 18 where you can win a Baton Rouge Uke from Worldofukes.co.uk.
We talk about GNUF 2018 where we will be running an unplugthewood stage.
Then we top this episode off with a call in from none other than the superb Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer http://www.gentlemanrhymer.com telling us about his appearance at GNUF A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival northernuke.com and other chap hop greatness over the summer catch him when you can he is ace.
Phew......nite nite
we have permission to play all the tracks from the copyright owners



Whistle stop bullet points and all that jazz, episode 17 - World of Ukes, UKE magazine , Christine Turner, Tim Smithies, Yorkshire Dales ukulele weekender ,Dead Man's Uke,  League  of Ukulele Gentlemen, Nanukes of the North, Dani and Liam , Robert Whittaker, Operalele , all women episode , N'ukefest , Mersey Belles ,  Hurry Back to Me, from the CD I&U , Hollesley best ever harmonies, rolling in wet grass, Elisabeth Pfieffer UFO fest Ufoukulelefestival.de , Katy Vernon, track Pearl from the CD Present, Grand Northern Ukulele Festival , #GNUF , Ray Winstone Gary Oldman, Mo Slater ,Eastenders,  me - Snorkel Diver Speargun poem. Sisterhood Music Collective , Astraluna Pass of Storms a sonic masterpiece , Simon Taylor, www.coolcatukes.com www.unplugthewood.com unplugthewood@googlemail.com The Hedge Inspectors Spriggan Mist Maltings Farnham, 20th April Windmill Folk Club Albert street Social Club 05 April , Ukulele festival of Scotland bye X





Right here we go. we're back, Welcome to 2018!
Episode 16, brought to you by unplugthewood.com
SNOW DAY, Near nude pictures of me in the snow on Facebook.
Caroline's recent brush with something nasty, the wonderful NHS, cracking on. We spill the beans on The Enchanted Market, Spriggan Mist, Belly dancers, Jonas and Jane and The Capo Thieves.

We get a call from Mary Agnes Krell who tells us about all things GNUF 2018 and GNUF's ' the EPIC award' nomination, I turn into a huge fan boy when Mr B gets a shout out, this year will be the 6th GNUF.

We speak to Jody Tavender about her new webite Harmany Vocalz, about being on Britains Got Talent as MEAT DIVA, and her other projects The Fabulous Funky Funks and Souled Out.
Check it out, Jody is an incredible singer, one of the best soul voices we have seen live.

Stephen Brunton the Man behind Jesus Hooligan calls in and talks
about his music, new recordings, builing his unique barrel drums, Balstock Festival, the Hooligan Drum Circle, Writing poems, spoken word nights and his plans to get his songs back out there. 

We end with our new single, Leave Me Alone - The Hedge Inspectors. Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Google play, and all other popular download sites.
Thanks for listening .

If you would like to be included either to chatt or play some of your original tracks in a future podcast contact us at unplugthewood@googlemail.com

Mike and Caroline - The Hedge Inspectors x


Unplugthewood episode 15 with your hosts The Hedge Inspectors. From unplugthewood.com. We use gotaukulele.com for some ukulele events coming up, using Barry Maz for our made up sponsor of the month.
We chat to Jeff Japers about stuff he is up to, he is doing a set for us at Unplugthewood later in September. We reminisce about our first Cheltenham, we play his song "Subway" our favourite song about foot longs. Sarah Kelly gets a mention. We discover "rate my call": we get a call from Alaska from an ice road trucker who nearly hits a moose. Andrew Daniels, (AndyDan( gives us a call from 20,000 leagues under the sea, we talk uke tech , UKE MAGAZINE ,  players sex pics, Mustang Sally and The Who. 
I get a poem challenge from Simon Taylor at coolcatukes.com to write a poem about biscuits. We discuss poached eggs. iRobot calls us up, then we get a call from Matt Stead who rescues us from a biscuit loop. We actually manage to play the correct track from his CD The Wend. We get asked some questions through Facebook: biscuits, uke strings, strum patterns, worst gig, high G low G and nose hair.
We can't stress enough how good The Quiet Whistle test is. Links below. We play a tune by Kevin McCrudden, Kev's Tune, it's brilliant have a proper listen. We finish off with a Hedge Inspectors track "the loneliest man in the ground". 


Jeff Japers


Matt Stead

Kevin McCrudden

The Quiet Whistle Test


Ok this episode we try out our new audio setup, we hopefully can now do live interviews, today we talk to Simon Taylor from coolcatukes.com , (the 3rd most popular ukulele blog in the world ) 'He may not be an expert but we value his opinion' , about all things cool cat ukes, and the unplugthewood open mic sessions. #openmictips. 

Next we talk to Henry Lynch the main man behind the Oakham Ukulele Club, he is up in Liverpool for the Big Boat on The Mersey, Christine Turner chips in for a bit, he gives us a breakdown of the event this weekend, Ukulele Uff, Dead Mans Uke, The League of Ukulele Gentleman, no Mersey Belles unfortunately who were busy elsewhere. We talk about GNUF1 in Pontefract. 

The George from Opera-lele, talks about events he and Mandy have been involved with and events that he has lined up. George also runs the Headcorn Ukulele club, we also talk about Sangers travelling solar powered horse drawn stage show. He talks about Uke East in Norwich, he is doing some more of his naughty songs so cover your ears, but not too much. 

Then Sally Davies from the fab trio Ooty and The cloud rang in to tell us all about this weekends Colwyn Bay Ukulele festival this weekend 'Uke-a-bay' . 

Outro song is 'Go Doggin ' by The Hedge Inspectors. Available on iTunes, only 99p. 


If you would like to submit a tune for future episodes please drop us a line at unplugthewood@googlemail.com. 

We are also interested in sponsorship, if this is something we can help you with let us know unplugthewood@googlemail.com

Mike and Caroline

The Hedge Inspectors





worldofukes.co.uk/events big boat on the Mersey / Uke Express






An experiment in sound, 

Unplugthewood on the road, the A32 in fact, Today we are in our Suzuki Alto on our way from Holybourne  to Hedge End, This episode is sponsored by CoolCatUkes.com, the only place to go for ukulele reviews, news, CD reviews and loads of other fun. We will be talking French kissing girls at a school disco, haircuts, 80's fashion, GNUF17 A Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2017, The Winchester Ukulele Festival, The Ukulele festival of Scotland and The Uke Express in October. We have music from Andy Dan, Plastic Jeezus, Matt Stead Rob Ash, and others mentioned Robin Evans, Ooty and the cloud, We Tigers , Prof Chris, Tyrone, Phil Doleman, Ian Emmerson, Simon Taylor, Chris Nevard, Martyn Eek Cooper and The Morgellons

Let us know if the audio is good enough for the podcast as it may help us get a few more of these out. 




All tracks have been used with the creators permission, If you would like to submit an MP3 of original material please send it to unplugthewood@googlemail.com


Hello, we are back! sorry for the delay, anyhoo here it is, EPISODE TEN 

As  always all artists featured in our little podcast have given us permission to use their own original material,   

If you would like to be featured send us some details and either an mp3 or wav file to unplugthewood@googlemail.com , 

Click on the links below to get to featured links

featured in this episode are Mark Nelson, The Flea Bitten Dawgs, Jonas and Jane and The Hedge Inspectors. OPERA-LELE  Vic Cracknell  GNUF

 Also mentioned , The Pukes and Danielle ate the Sandwich